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Hanala Sagal

Ugg Boots Yoga Challenge / Fitness Motivation

2 дн. назад

At my friend's Malibu home. It didn't burn down despite being surrounded by forest. Luckily, she raked. 🤣 ✌ Instead of dessert, I decided to go for a yoga ...

Sharing My Spectacular Saturday / Amazing View Video

4 дн. назад

Taking regular breaks from #BreakingNews so it doesn't break me. Go to the light, I mean the sun not the screen. Get outside. Let me know if you do. See you out ...

Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special, Steve Binder Interview

1 нед. назад

Subscribe & ring the BELL to watch the entire interview airing the same day as the '68 Special on NBC! #Elvis #Birthday Order your copy of Steve Binder's book: ...

Unboxing Channel Member Gift!

2 нед. назад

LOOK what the universe (UPS) left on my doorstep. #Happy2019 GET YOURS: puppie.portraits@gmail.com Instagram: puppie.portraits Congrats ...

"Happy Birthday to You" Sung by My Puppy (sorta 😉)

3 нед. назад

Celebrating 36 years SOBER! #DogFunctional #sobriety #NewYearsResolution #RECOVERY HAPPENS 🤗 'Tis the season to bottom out. Rehabs and recovery ...

New Inspirational Song for You

3 нед. назад

Writing a new Christmas classic, right up there with Frosty the Snowman. Celebrating another #Sober #Christmas! #New #HolidayMusic Like & SHARE my ...

Sing-Along (Winter Wonderland Karaoke with Lyrics)

3 нед. назад

Here's the best way to stop anxiety in it's Uggs. Merry up your Christmas Day with me! #ChristmasDay #StressHack LYRICS: Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Workout Injury Prevention / Stop Pain Before It Starts

4 нед. назад

Stop pain before it starts! The way you workout could be hurting you instead of helping you. I've seen people do crazy stupid things at the gym, like twist ...

Pose with Confidence / Say the Magic Word

1 мес. назад

There's a word that puts your face in camera-ready mode. It's not cheese. I'm sharing Hollywood's Red Carpet trick so you can look your best in photos, too.

Natalie Maines Private Performance / Dixie Chicks Lead Singer Solo

1 мес. назад

Just found this lost video of a Hollywood Holiday Party when Natalie Maines #DixieChicks performed for us. See if you recognize the TV star she's talking to at ...

I Prepare for Christmas Partying with This Song.

1 мес. назад

Happy Holidays #dogfunctional World! As I prepare for #holiday #parties I sing this little ditty to remain tolerant in intolerant times!!! #Christmas #Song Ring the ...

Live from Marina del Rey's Christmas ⛵ Boat Parade

1 мес. назад

T-Mobile sucks! Join me on board, sorry about the bad audio/video. I need to go back to Verizon for better service! #Christmas #WinterWonderland #BoatParade ...

Hate to Burst Your Bubble, Part 2 / DIY Happiness

1 мес. назад

Where'd you get your ideas? Are they really yours?? #Racism begins at home. #ThursdayThoughts #DogFunctional Like & SHARE my videos, subscribe ...

Venus & the Moon Over Marina!

1 мес. назад

Woke up by the light of the Moon & Venus! Wanted to share. #moon #venus.

Hate to Burst Your Bubble / Hope May Hurt You!

2 мес. назад

I wanted to say I hope you have Happy Holidays, but I started thinking about my optimism, how it's prevented me from necessary investigation, and I wanted to ...

Happy Holidays from the Marina / Premiere

2 мес. назад

Join me as I premiere a beautiful meditative video for you on Thanksgiving Day. Consider it #BlackFriday preparedness.

Sing a Cover Song for Anxiety

2 мес. назад

There's always something happening that'll cause stress but I always have something I can do about it! Singing forces me to breathe and breathing deeply ...

Maxine Waters & I Flip the House! #Inspirational #Women

2 мес. назад

We did it. #bluewave, baby! Go get 'em, Wonder Woman!! The best way I know to resist depression & oppression is by getting into action. I may not want to get ...

Singing To Get Us Through the Fire Crisis

2 мес. назад

The Malibu fire has filled the sky with smoke and we're stuck here at home. Taking a break from watching late breaking news. As my mother, the Holocaust ...

I'm Sober & Singing in Bars 👍💥✌️

2 мес. назад

I remember lyrics better sober than drunk. Here's how I get my #FridayFeeling on and celebrate life in the face of impending gloom. Singing creates a vibration ...

Gerrymandering Explainer / Why Your Vote Matters 👍💙

3 мес. назад

Don't know what Cognitive Dissonance and Gerrymandering are? Watch this and get a better understanding of today's hateful American political climate.