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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The A-Mexican Express Card: Buy Whatever You Want, Mexico’s Paying For It | The Daily Show

2 час. назад

With the A-Mexican Express Card, you can buy whatever you want. Mexico will pay for it. Featuring Jaboukie Young-White, Desi Lydic and Roy Wood Jr.

Theresa May's Brexit Deal Defeat, Netflix's Price Surge & Trump's Fast-Food Feast | The Daily Show

5 час. назад

British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan fails big in Parliament, Netflix raises its subscription price, and Donald Trump treats the Clemson Tigers to fast ...

Today’s Future Now - The Best of the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show | The Daily Show

8 час. назад

Ronny Chieng highlights some of the most ridiculous junk on display at this year's CES, including a vending machine for bread and a needy AI robot called a ...

Cardi B & Nancy P Take On Trump & Unpaid Workers Crowdfund | The Daily Show

19 час. назад

Trump fires back at Nancy Pelosi after she proposes postponing the State of the Union address, Cardi B sounds off about the government shutdown, and ...

Trevor & Tressie McMillan Cottom Talk R. Kelly - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

24 час. назад

Trevor and Tressie McMillan Cottom discuss R. Kelly, the cult of celebrity, and what it means for black girls. #BetweenTheScenes Subscribe to The Daily Show: ...

Derek Waters - Historical Accuracy and Sloppy Sincerity on Drunk History | The Daily Show

1 дн. назад

Derek Waters talks about what all of Drunk History's narrators have in common, how he gets such top-tier talent to do the show and why people seem to like it so ...

L.A. Teachers’ Strike, the Egg That Broke Instagram & China’s Historic Moon Landing | The Daily Show

1 дн. назад

Teachers in L.A. go on strike, an egg becomes the most-liked photo on Instagram, China lands a probe on the dark side of the moon, and Chicago still isn't over ...

The U.S. & The U.K.: Allies in Chaos | The Daily Show

2 дн. назад

White House economists predict serious fiscal fallout from the ongoing government shutdown, while Brexit embroils the British Parliament in partisan bickering, ...

John David Washington - Bringing American Racism to Light in “BlacKkKlansman” | The Daily Show

2 дн. назад

John David Washington describes carving out his own role in the Washington family and what it was like to portray Ron Stallworth in “BlacKkKlansman.

Is Rep. Steve King Racist? Enter Trevor Noah: Racism Detective | The Daily Show

3 дн. назад

Congressman Steve King goes from supporting white supremacy to calling it an evil ideology, putting into question his standing as a certified racist. Sounds like ...

Barry Jenkins - Acknowledging Trauma in “If Beale Street Could Talk” | The Daily Show

3 дн. назад

Barry Jenkins talks about James Baldwin's talents in addressing systemic injustice and human emotion, his own blind spots as an artist and finding nuance in his ...

Trump Is the World’s Worst Spy & 2020 Democratic Candidates Emerge | The Daily Show

4 дн. назад

As the government shutdown hits Day 24, The New York Times drops a shocking report on an FBI investigation into Trump's Russia relations, and the first 2020 ...

Drunk History: Trump Edition | The Daily Show

4 дн. назад

Drunk History's Derek Waters watches a reenactment of the Civil War according to Donald Trump, including the rise of Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant's ...

Marc Mauer - Tackling Criminal Justice Reform with The Sentencing Project | The Daily Show

4 дн. назад

Marc Mauer, executive director of The Sentencing Project and co-author of “The Meaning of Life,” explains how getting rid of life sentences would be better for ...

Beto O’Rourke’s Dentist Visit, Steve King’s Racism & France’s Nude Restaurant Fail | The Daily Show

5 дн. назад

Beto O'Rourke posts a video from his dentist appointment, Steve King defends white nationalism, and France's first nude restaurant plans to close. Subscribe to ...

Let’s Talk This Out - Bryan Cranston’s Controversial Casting in “The Upside” | The Daily Show

5 дн. назад

Trevor talks about how a well-written post from an actor who uses a wheelchair changed his perspective on who should portray people with disabilities onscreen ...

A Paul Manafort Bombshell, Tiffany’s Feel-Good Diamonds & J.K. Rowling’s Reveal | The Daily Show

6 дн. назад

Paul Manafort's legal team makes a giant mistake, Tiffany & Co. gets transparent about its diamonds, and J.K. Rowling provides a weird addition to the “Harry ...

Imaginary Allergies, Hospital Price Transparency & A High-Tech Tragedy in Las Vegas | The Daily Show

6 дн. назад

A study shows many people who think they have allergies don't, U.S. hospitals must now list their treatment prices online, and a self-driving car hits a robot ...

Jeff Bezos’s Mind-Blowing Divorce Settlement | The Daily Show

6 дн. назад

CNBC pundits find out about Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos's divorce on-air, and Desi Lydic explains what a divorce settlement is like when you're the richest ...

Bordersnatch: One Wall, Infinite Possibilities | The Daily Show

7 дн. назад

Choose your own shutdown narrative. Subscribe to The Daily Show: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwWhs_6x42TyRM4Wstoq8HA/?sub_confirmation=1 ...

Switzerland’s Responsible Gun Nuts Pt. 2 | The Daily Show

1 нед. назад

Michael Kosta heads to the world's largest annual shooting festival to find out how Switzerland can love guns so much yet have such a low rate of gun-related ...